Reducing pollution from transport


Reducing pollution from transport

Motor vehicles are one of the largest contributors to air pollution in Lambeth. Lambeth’s Transport Strategy has started to introduce healthier, safer and greener transport routes but we can all play our part in going further to towards more green and active travel, reducing our reliance on petrol or diesel vehicles and improving air quality.

Actions in the proposed Air Quality Action Plan to reduce pollution from transport in the borough:   

Council operations - we will phase out the use of petrol and diesel vehicles the council uses.

Procurement policy - we will introduce an electric vehicle requirement for all contracts over £100k where transport is a major element. In the future there will be a 100% electric vehicle requirement. 

Decision-making - we will invest in infrastructure and adopt policies and projects that reduce pollution from motor vehicles by making streets safer for cycling and walking.

Behaviour change - we will promote using public transport, support residents to use electric vehicles, and discourage car journeys and car ownership, particularly in sensitive locations around schools, hospitals, and care homes. Find out more.

Communities - we will work with residents, community groups and businesses to reduce emissions in neighbourhoods using the council’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood programme as part of a wider strategy to reduce traffic across the borough.

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