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Lambeth Launches Draft Air Quality Action Plan

We’ve launched a consultation on our Draft Air Quality Action Plan for Lambeth. We want your views on the actions we’re planning to take to tackle air pollution, to help us build a plan that responds to the issues your community faces.

Why we need an action plan

Air quality in Lambeth is improving, but it remains at dangerous levels for many who live and work in the borough. Lambeth has adopted an Air Quality Vision, which sets out targets for air quality, and a process for monitoring, reporting, and tackling air pollution. The Air Quality Action Plan sets out the steps we’ll take to make the vision a reality.

We’ve drafted actions that we’ll take across the council

The plan is a list of actions across council departments including planning, transport, housing, public health, and public protection. The plan highlights the council’s Air Quality Priorities, showing the areas we will focus on in our response to air pollution.

After the consultation closes, we will use your views to inform the finalised plan and carry out the actions in the plan from 2023 to the end of 2025.

The consultation runs from 20th September 2022 to 1st October 2022

View the action plan

For further information please contact the Climate Change and Sustainability team at

Posted on 23rd September 2022

by Andrew McCabe